August 8, 2016
Greg Boysen

The KHL is turning into the Federal League from the movie classic Slap Shot and their regular season hasn’t even started yet!

Over the weekend we saw two head coaches come to blows during an exhibition game and now we have a game cancelled after just three minutes do to an insane brawl.

The incident came early on in the game between HC Barys and Kunlun Red Star, the KHL’s new team in China.  As you can see, Damir Ryspayev of Barys completely loses his mind and starts attacking anyone in a red jersey, including players on the bench.

One of the players he attacked, Tomas Marcinko, was sent to the hospital after the incident. No update on his condition has been given at this time.

According to KHL Insider Aivis Kalnis, Ryspayev has been suspended for the rest of the preseason with more disciplinary action to come.  

What kind of suspension would you hand out for this?

Source: Twitter