Hockey Night in Canada legend Don Cherry is a very colourful character, never shying away from sharing his opinion or his colourful suits. 

He took to Twitter this morning after to speak on the recent events in U.S. politics. 

Many Americans said they would move to Canada if Donald Trump won the elections, the Canadian Immigration website even crashed last night due to the high volume of traffic. 

Well Don Cherry says that left wing liberals aren't welcome in Canada anyways, saying that Canada is already full of too many "left wing kooks".

Many even wonder what kind of a suit he will be wearing this Saturday during Hockey Night in Canada and if he'll repeat his thought that he doesn't feel "left wing weirdos" are welcome in Canada. 

Despite many Canadians not even being fans of Cherry, the former NHL coach and player has become a political force in recent years, even appearing in support of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford a couple of years ago. 

He was reportedly approached by the Canadian Conservatives in 2004 to run for them, but declined. 

Here are his tweets from this morning:


Source: Don Cherry Twitter