January 3, 2017
Greg Boysen

The National Hockey League had a huge weekend with the Centennial Classic in Toronto and the Winter Classic in St. Louis. The league will have one more outdoor game in February as the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Philadelphia Flyers at Heinz Field. 

Gary Bettman hinted about next season’s outdoor agenda over the weekend, saying that the league will likely host three outdoor games no matter if the league shuts down for the Olympics or not.  He mentioned the annual Winter Classic, having a game on the date of the first NHL game and one more game.

The outdoor game to commemorate the first ever NHL game is rumored to be held on December 19, 2017 as the Ottawa Senators will host the Montreal Canadiens, just like they did on December 19, 1917.

There has been no word on where the 2018 Winter Classic will be held.  The third outdoor game will most likely be in the United States under the Stadium Series banner since there will already be one game in Canada.  There is some speculation that the league would like to involve the Vegas Golden Knights in some fashion to give their newest franchise more exposure.

Bettman says he thinks the league will likely stage three outdoor games next season regardless of the Olympic decision

— Pierre LeBrun (@Real_ESPNLeBrun) January 1, 2017

Image Credit: Getty Images