The trade talk has been flowing out Colorado the last couple of days, as many NHL Insiders have confirmed the Avs are looking to make some major changes. 

While most of the talk has surrounded forwards Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, one veteran forward says he'd be willing to move. 

After refusing to accept a trade last year, forward Jarome Iginla says he's now open to listing his no trade clause. 

When speaking to the Calgary Sun recently, Iginla says he'd like to be in the playoffs this season. 

"Yeah, I’d consider it," he said when speaking to Wes Gilbertson of the Calgary Sun. "I’d love to be in the playoffs and have that chance."

The Stanley Cup is one of the few things missing from what should be a Hall Of Fame career by Iginla. The closest he's ever come was with those same Flames, losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2004. 

"That’s still the dream, and I think it’s still possible," he added "I would love to. I tell you, I’d really appreciate it. I realize over all the years how many good things have to come together and how fortunate all the people that win it are.

"So yeah, I’d love to do that. I still think it’s possible. All I can do is just keep playing and you keep trying to get better."

Iginla has five goals and four assists so far this season on a struggling Avs team, but could contribute as a role player on a contender. 

Source: Calgary Sun