There's not many ways to practice getting a 100mph puck being shot at you, especially with teammates being scared to injured a teammate in practice. 

So sometimes you have to come with creative ways to get some real game type action, and St. Louis Blue backup goalie Carter Hutton came up with one. 

The Blues goalie who recently took part in the Winter Classic which was held at Busch Stadium the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Hutton took advantage of some of the equipment laying around and got inside a warm up bullpen and had somebody fire up the pitching machine for him. 

The machine might not have been synced up at 100mph but it was cranked up pretty high listening to the sound of the baseballs hitting the backstop. 

The connection was made complete, as Hutton also appeared at the Winter Classic wearing a St. Louis Cardinals themed helmet. 

Watch the video of him getting blasted by baseballs below:

Source: The Score
Image Credit: St. Louis Blues Twitter