Veteran defenseman Marc Methot has had a very interesting summer so far.  First he was left unprotected by the Ottawa Senators at the expansion draft and was selected by the Vegas Golden Knights.  Shortly after becoming a Knight, he was dealt to the Dallas Stars.

Last March, Methot was part of very memorable play when he suffered a very grotesque finger injury thanks to vicious slash from Pittsburgh Penguins star captain Sidney Crosby.

“I was very lucky to have the doctors nearby - NHL teams have doctors around all the time - but I was able to not waste any time, and go right into the locker room and they sewed it up,” Methot told SportsDay.  “It was brutal, and I had to deal with that. And I think the hardest part was the aftermath. For two weeks, I wasn't able to sleep. The pain was insane because of all the nerve endings that go up into your fingers. I got to say, I can't imagine he purposely tried to cut my finger off. I mean, it's a slash. A slash is a slash. It's fine now ... It looks a little different obviously, but it seems like it's healing pretty well. So, that's, I guess, a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Source: SportsDay