TSN Insider Darren Dreger took a break from his summer vacation to make an appearance on The Instigators on WGR 550 AM in Buffalo and Duchene was one of the many topics they discussed.

The biggest reason Duchene is still with the Avalanche is that general manager Joe Sakic does not want to budge from his high asking price.  The respected insider went on to talk about how “strange” the Avs front office is these days.

“Things are real strange around that Avalanche team and they have been for quite some time now,” Dreger said, per Fan Rag Sports.  “Joe Sakic is at some events, he’s not at other events in terms of following the young and developing players. He’s got an interesting management structure there.

“I was told the other day that Adam Foote has left the organization. Adam Foote was a player development guy, but highly respected. He was a guy that the management types of the Colorado Avalanche would lean on from time to time. Now, he’s got some focus elsewhere with his son Cal drafted high by the Tampa Bay Lightning. His younger son, Nolan, he’s going to be a high pick. Both are playing for the Kelowna Rockets this year. So there might be a level of distraction.

“But with a first-round pick being a defenseman and a high second-round pick being a defenseman, how do you allow Adam Foote to walk away from that organization.

“So there’s a lot of things that need to be corrected and perhaps straightened out in Colorado.”

Will the Avalanche ever be able to pull themselves out of this funk they have been in?

Source: Fan Rag Sports
Image Credit: Denver Post