The Matt Duchene "trade" has become almost a 12 chapter book. 

On the block since last season, Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic has yet to find a trade partner for the 26 year old forward. 

Duchene showed up to camp this year saying he was there "out of respect for his teammates and to honor his contract". So far this season he's done both, with three points in three games, six shots on goal, a +3 rating and has won 54% of his faceoffs.

Despite that performance so far, former Avs forward and NHL great Peter Forsberg said he would bench and trade Duchene explaining that "It is mostly difficult to have a player like that in the team, although he is skillful and is doing his best. I would rather play with someone that wants to be there.".

Duchene was asked if he had heard Forsberg's comments and how he felt. 

“I saw it, I don’t think it was meant to be anything personal," Duchene added. "He and I have a great relationship. So I’m not taking it personally. I think he’s just commenting on the situation. A lot can get lost in translation. He was a guy I idolized growing up,I still have the same admiration and respect for him as a player and a guy - he was a guy I looked up to a lot as a kid.”.

While Duchene might have taken the more political route for his answer, Avs head coach Jared Bednar did not, saying he flat out disagreed with Forsberg's comments and added it's hard for someone not in the dressing room to make those type of comments. 

Source: Denver Post
Image Credit: Adam Hunger / USA Today Sports