Heading into 2017's free agent market, there wasn't a whole lot of interesting case to watch, but the handful that were had everybody waiting for the results. 

One of those was long time San Jose Sharks forward Joe Thornton, him and teammate Patrick Marleau were hitting free agency at the same time and there was talk that both were ready to move on as were the Sharks. 

Marleau ended up signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and while there was plenty of chatter about Thornton signing with the Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers or possibly even joining Marleau in Toronto, he decided to sign a one  year deal and stay put. 

However he might not finish the year in San Jose according to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, Brooks believes that Thornton will be a target of the Rangers since they've been unable to land a first line center by flipping rookie Filip Chytil. Brooks mentions that the Rangers and Thornton had some "very productive conversations" during the summer before the team decided to sign Kevin Shattenkirk. 

Keep in mind Thornton is good friends with Rick Nash and the two played together in Switzerland during not one but two NHL lockouts. 

Source: New York Post