In the NHL, there usually isn't much room to debate a call with a referee. 

There's especially zero to little room to try and show a ref up and agree you with him over a call, too much lip or body language can earn a player a game misconduct. 

One Finnish hockey player took it to the limits and the next level recently when he had a pretty legendary reaction to a penalty he received in the Champions Hockey League. 

After being called for a penalty, Finnish hockey player Juhani Tryvainen decided to show off his acting skills to tell the referees exactly what he thought of the call. What did he think? That the call was the result of nothing but pure embellishment and diving. 

Check it out in the video below:

Now can you imagine a player doing something like this in the NHL!?

They'd be definitely given some extra penalties, and who knows, maybe even a suspension. 

Image Credit: Champions Hockey League , YouTube