Hockey players are famous for losing some teeth, and now thanks to social media, they've become famous for sharing their new smiles on the internet. 

We've seen it with Ryan Ellis, Zach Werenski, Ian Cole and many others, the latest to show off his war scars is New York Rangers forward Jimmy Vesey. 

The forward showed off a couple of pictures on his Twitter account on Saturday after he took the boot of Zack Kassian's skate to his face.'s Cristina Ledra reported on Saturday that Rangers head coach Alain Vigneault told reporters after the game that Vesey actually got two teeth lodged in his lip on the play. 

Vesey is lucky that was the extent of his injury, as the play had the potential for many other things to happen which could have been much worse. He'll more than likely be back in the lineup when the Rangers take on the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday and try and extend their six game winning streak. 

Vesey posted the two pictures, one includes the X-Rays after the game which show the two teeth lodged in his lip, check it out in the picture below: