He was one of this past summer's biggest free agents, but ended up being one of this season's weirdest stories. 

After just three games in the NHL, forward Vadim Shipachyov retired and has headed back to Russia. The forward signed a one year with the KHL's St. Petersburg SKA for half a million dollars, a fraction of the amount of money he made previously in the KHL. 

The 30 year old probably won't ever play again in the NHL and he recently warned other Russians and KHLers about going to the NHL. He suggests they all "think 10 times" before leaving for the NHL. 

"The promises which I was given in America didn't come off, but everything works out for the best," Shipachyov told the KHL. "A lot of other SKA players who are here now have gone down this route, it's probably the correct strategy.

"Now I know that Russian players should think 10 times before leaving for abroad, it's different from what the clubs and agents tell you."

The "terrible" NHL experience has helped Shipachyov have a better appreciation for the KHL. 

"Before the season's start, I was told by the general manager that they need to send a player to the AHL, and I am that man," Shipachyov stated. "He said for me to help them in order to trade defensemen, and then I will make my debut.

"Face to face I was told one thing, but when it came to hockey, the story changed ... However, even a negative experience helps you appreciate how things worked in St. Petersburg."

Source: KHL
Image Credit: YURI KADOBNOV / AFP / Getty