The Edmonton Oilers have been one of the worst and one of the most disappointing teams to start the 2017-18 season. 

You can point at the team's goaltending, the defense, the lack of weapons surrounding Connor McDavid.

While the team has been struggling, Connor McDavid has been having a serious battle with the flu. The Oilers forward has reportedly lost anywhere from 5 to 10lbs during the last couple of weeks. At 6'1", McDavid has usually clocked in at 192lbs, so losing weight isn't exactly ideal for him. 

"He's been sick for a week to 10 days now," Oilers coach Todd McLellan told Dreger. "He's starting to feel better, but we'll monitor his practice time."

However, on the ice, the illness has far from done any damage to McDavid's game despite how the Oilers might be doing. The superstar has nine points over his last five games and is currently riding a three game point streak. 

If McDavid has put up those numbers during a two week flu battle, imagine when the star forward is back to 100%!

Source: Darren Dreger