While some NHL teams have a media following that can fit in a car, there's other NHL teams who are the center of media attention. 

Most Canadian NHL teams are followed very closely by media, every game and general manager move picked apart piece by piece. 

While it holds especially true in Montreal and Toronto, it can be tough in other Canadian cities when things aren't doing so good. 

New York Islanders forward Jordan Eberle, says that media chatter really broke his spirit during the end of his time with the OIlers. 

"The Edmonton media can be pretty brutal and your confidence goes and this is a game you can't play if you don't have confidence," Eberle said, per Sportsnet's Tim Panaccio. "It's that simple. It's the Edmonton Oilers and everything around it. When you read articles every day about how much you suck, it's tough."

It was really tough for Eberle near the end because of his playoff performances, the 27 year old had just two assists in 13 postseason games and was almost stapled to the bench during last year's second round matchup against the Anaheim Ducks.