Former NHL forward Mike Ribeiro's troubles just don't seem to end. 

Earlier this year, his agent Bob Perno, made a public cry for help when nobody even knew where he was. 

Eventually Ribeiro was located and willing to accept some help. 

However, Ribeiro's story has once again taken the wrong turn. The 37 year old was arrested in Miami Beach at the end of October for trespassing. 

Back in May, Perno feared the next phone call he would receive about Ribeiro would be for the worse. 

“Mike doesn’t think he is sick, and in his head everything is well,” Perno told La Presse at the time.

“We’re all very worried, but we can’t do anything; every time my phone rings, I hope it’s him on the other end.”

Ribeiro has been through the NHL's substance abuse and behavioural program at least two times already. With three children to take care off, hopefully this recent incident provides a reality check for the former NHLer. 

Source: Toronto Sun