After news was released this weekend that former NHLer Mike Ribeiro was arrested for trespassing, just months after skipping out on another attempt at rehab, many believed that Ribeiro's downward spiral was uncontrollable.  

After being released on bail that was posted by his ex-wife, this latest incident seems to be the one that has finally given him a reality check. 

According to his agent, Bon Perno, Ribeiro has accepted to enter the NHL's rehabilitation program. 

"After what happened on October 27 in Florida, he returned to Nashville to rejoin the NHL program," Perno said. "That's where he is right now."

Perno added that during the summer when Ribeiro was a free agent and he received no offers, it really crushed his world and resulted in a relapse struggling to accept retirement. 

"I think he struggled with that," said Perno. "He felt the end came when the Predators put him on waivers in February, and he struggled to deal with this reality. He went to finish the season in the American Hockey League in Milwaukee, and he was isolated afterwards. But he's better now, he's been cleaning up his entourage since he returned to Nashville. He will get help and that's the best thing he can do."

We hope that Ribeiro has success in completing his latest attempt at rehab. 

Source: La Presse
Image Credit: Getty Images