Last week New York Islanders forward Jordan Eberle made some rather bold statements during an interview with Tim Panaccio of Sportsnet.  Eberle called out the Edmonton media saying that there are only so many articles a player can read that says how much he sucks before it starts to take its toll.


Taylor Hall knows quite a bit playing in Edmonton and Greg Wyshynski of ESPN followed up with the New Jersey Devils’ leading scorer about Eberle’s comments.  Hall was quick to back up his former Oilers teammate.


“Yeah, no question. You get booed by fans, the media is all over you, everyone's human. You can't help but take that home with you," Hall said.  "I think that if the media in Edmonton think that they don't impact players, just a little bit, then they're crazy. Everyone's human. No one wants to read crappy stuff about them, no matter how good of a player you are.


"I never felt that the media was unfair in Edmonton, but when you do read constant negative stuff about yourself, you can't help but lose confidence.”


Do you think the media in a given a city can affect the way players perform or is this just a poor excuse?

Source: ESPN
Image Credit: Getty Images