There is little doubt that the Edmonton Oilers are the biggest disappointment in the 2017-18 NHL season.  The Oilers had very expectations heading into the season, but are currently in second to last place in the Western Conference and cannot find any type of consistency in their game.


Insider Bob McKenzie appeared on TSN 1050 in Toronto on Tuesday to talk about what general manager Peter Chiarelli wants to do, compared to what is realistic for the Oilers.


“There’s no question. I think Peter Chiarelli wants to try to make a move,” noted McKenzie, per Fan Rag Sports. “I’m not sure it’s the seismic blockbuster that people would anticipate or want to see for a team that’s struggling as much as the Edmonton Oilers are. I think he wants to try to create a spark, move one piece for another piece and see if that lights a fire under some support players.


“But I think what they really think in Edmonton – Chiarelli did a news conference today, and he’s obviously under the gun. What he didn’t say, but what I could imagine him wanting to say – and it’s just me projecting this for him – would be, ‘Hey listen. If Cam Talbot and Oscar Klefbom and Adam Larsson don’t play a lot closer to the way they played last year versus how poorly they’ve played this year… we could make 10 trades and it’s not going to make a difference if the guys who we’re counting on to be core players… the No. 1 goaltender who had Vezina numbers last year, although he didn’t win the Vezina, and a top-pairing defense that was lights-out good especially in the playoffs – if those guys don’t play better…’


“You’re at the mercy of your best players, and when they’re not going they’re not going.”


Do you think the Oilers will right the ship and be a playoff team this year?

Source: TSN 1050, transcript via Fan Rag Sports
Image Credit: Edmonton Journal