The New York Rangers are in an interesting position once again this season. 

Last year while the team was fighting for a playoff spot and was sitting on the fence, upper management announced to the disappointment of many players that they were throwing in the towel and starting a rebuild. 

The team went on to trade some major pieces and had three first round picks at the 2018 draft, the team hadn't had a first round pick between 2013-16.

They're in the same position this year sitting on the fence of a Wild Card spot and New York still has some big pieces they can move and it seems the sentiment in the locker room is that they will. 

Veteran forward Mats Zuccarello told a journalist in his native Norway that he strongly believes he'll be traded and won't finish the year in New York. 

“A trade appears to be most likely,” Zuccarello said, according to Kvatningen’s translation, sent to The Post and which went along with the audio posted online. “I guess am prepared for it. Basically, I’m just waiting for it to happen. It’s a tough spot to be in, if I’m being honest.”

Zuccarello will become UFA after this season and will draw plenty of suitors as the forward has consistently put up 50 points over the last couple of years including a 26 goal season in 2015-16. 

Image Credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America