NHL training camps are rolling along and of course after a huge layoff, not everybody might be at the top of their game. 

That seems to be the case in Colorado where the Avalanche are considered one of the top teams in the west. 

Colorado is one of the top teams who will play in the quick round robin instead of the playoff round and already have a playoff spot locked in. 

However from the sounds of their coach, they might not last too long. 

Avs' head coach Jared Bednar went on an expletive filled rant about his team and it sounds like he might be the new John Tortarella. 

"We're going to learn to fucking check to win fucking hockey games ... If you don't believe it ... We're going to be coming home and fucking golfing."


Well that's either going to really motivate the team or blow up in his face!

Source: Ryan S Clark Twitter