It's definitely going to be a busy summer in the NHL as we'll likely see some big names change address. 

While most of them will happen during free agency, we might see some names move because of salary cap restrictions. 

Some big disappointing contracts might get moved as well. 

One of those contracts will likely be Loui Eriksson's of the Vancouver Canucks. 

Eriksson still has three years left on a contract that pays him $6million a season and considering he hasn't even had more than 30 points in any of the last three seasons it's become a burden. 

While speaking with media overseas, Eriksson blamed head coach Travis Green for his terrible performance and it definitely looks like he's burned a bridge. 

TSN's Ray Ferraro believes that Eriksson is definitely on his way out and that Ottawa is a likely destination. 

"It is hard for me to come up with someone that looks less enraged to play in the National Hockey League over a long period of time than Loui Eriksson," said Ferraro on TSN radio.

"Oh man I do not know how you keep going forward with this guy other than the fact that you can't do anything with him."

"I can't imagine there's a lot of teams lining up, but one that I think makes sense is Ottawa." 

There was also some speculation earlier this month about a possible Eriksson/Milan Lucic swap with the Edmonton Oilers

Source: Ray Ferraro TSN