The Los Angeles Kings made some noise this past weekend when they became the first team to fire their coach during the 2018-19 season. 

John Stevens and his assistant Don Nachbaur were fired with Willie Desjardins being named interim head coach. 

Kings general manager Rob Blake called out his team following the firing saying that the team hasn't been "emotionally invested" since the start of training camp. He also added that the problem needed to addressed as soon as possible which led to the Stevens firing. 

"You know, right from the start of camp, we’ve been keeping an eye on the team and it hasn’t gone the way expected it to and we haven’t played the way we expected to," Blake said.

It's also possible we see a major trade soon. 

“We’re evaluating these players just as much as we were the staff,” Blake said. “That evaluation continues from this point on, for sure.”

If the Kings can't get any wins after firing their coach, which player do you think will be the scapegoat?

Source: The Hockey News
Image Credit: Getty Images