One of the big free agent signings this offseason involved Stanley Cup winning goalie, Braden Holtby. 

The Washington Capitals let Holtby walk to free agency and when all was said and done the 31 year old goalie signed a two year deal with the Vancouver Canucks. 

A change of uniform usually means a change of goalie mask design for NHL goalies and Holtby had that in mind when he commissioned Swedish based artist David Gunnarson to design the mask. 

Unfortunately his new design has come under fire and he was forced to drop it. 

The design was criticized for appropriating First Nations art. 

"I just wanted to make sure I apologize to anyone I had offended. It was definitely not my intent and I definitely learned a valuable lesson through this all and I'll make sure I'm better and moving forward, do the things that help the community the most." Holtby's apology read. 

Check out the design below: