The Montreal Canadiens are preparing to play the Boston Bruins tonight but a new report might overshadow that. 

The Canadiens placed their captain Shea Weber on IR last week after he's been dealing with an injury issue that many believe is related to a shot he blocked recently against the Devils. 

Montreal has kept some big injury news top secret before and a big example was when Carey Price's season was done a couple years back but the Canadiens' kept it secret for as long as possible

NHL insider Nick Kypreos just dropped some bombshell news on his Twitter account. 

According to Kypreos, Shea Weber's NHL career is in jeopardy because of his latest injury. 

Here's what Kypreos had to say:

"Sources say Shea Weber injury has his season likely over and his future in question. Told injury is related to foot that was surgically repaired in 2018. While waiting for swelling to alleviate and further confirmation, surgery seemed unavoidable going into this week"

While it's obviously more reliable to take what Claude Julien has had to say, let's not forget that Kypreos is actually the one who broke the PK Subban trade. 

More to come. 

Source: Nick Kypreos