The Arizona Coyotes have come under fire the last couple of days. 

Troubling stories regarding their top picks' past have come to light and it's added some heat to the organization. 

Mitchell Miller was the team's top pick after they had their earlier picks removed by the NHL and his criminal record came to light this week. 

"In 2016, Miller and another eighth-grader were convicted in an Ohio juvenile court of bullying and abusing Isaiah, a Black, developmentally disabled classmate at a junior high school in Sylvania, Ohio, just outside Toledo.

The incident, described in detail in a police report obtained by The Athletic and first reported by The Arizona Republic, is difficult to read. The worst of it: Miller and a classmate, Hunter R. McKie, rubbed a candy push-pop inside a urinal at the school during a girls basketball game and enticed Isaiah Meyer-Crothers to put it in his mouth, nearly falling over with laughter when he did."

The family spoke out recently and the story went viral and now according to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, the Coyotes have denounced the rights to Miller. 

This likely means that Miller's time as an NHL prospect has ended before it's ever begun. 

Source: Elliotte Friedman