The Evander Kane sage has been one of the biggest talked about storylines during the offseason. 

While the investigation by the NHL has yet to be closed, the San Jose Sharks forward sat down with Linda Cohn of ESPN for a 1 on 1 exclusive interview. 

Kane opened up about his struggles and didn't shy away from the fact that he's had a problem which eventually led to him filing for bankruptcy. 

The forward denied the allegations by his ex-wife that he gambled on NHL games but did admit his other gambling hurt his on ice performance. 

"I gambled the night before a playoff game...

I wasn't supposed to be doing it but did it and obviously didn't do very well that evening. 

When you have a problem you can't control your decision making at the time"

Kane was referring to a playoff game between the Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights where he lost it and was kicked out of the game. 

Check out the video below:

Source: ESPN