Boxing was the topic of conversation last night as we saw Mike Tyson make his return to a PPV boxing ring. 

He took on another legend in Roy Jones Jr. 

While that fight wasn't exactly mind blowing, we saw brief flashes of both fighters previous talents. 

However one of the fights which happened earlier in the night is really being talked about. 

Youtube star Jake Paul fought former NBA star Nate Robinson. 

After the 6'1 Paul knocked out the 5'9 Robinson, he went on a rant and called out everybody including Connor McGregor. 

One NHL star heard Paul's big talk and has challenged him to a boxing match of their own. 

San Jose Sharks' forward Evander Kane challenged Paul to a boxing match in Vegas on Twitter. 

"yo jakepaul I’d wreck ya. Easy to beat up guys with no experience and much smaller. August 31st 2021 Vegas we can see if you really about that action. #YOURMOVE"

After his Tweet, Kane was chirped by Ryan Reaves' and his brother who he's had beef with for years on the NHL ice. He didn't hesitate to respond to them. 

"Always good to see the Reaves sisters chime in and try to hop on the coat tails @JReaves77 @reavo7five but that’s okay I’ll keep you both relevant."

Would you like to see Kane fight Paul in a PPV boxing match?