The drama involving San Jose Sharks' forward Evander Kane has just taken another weird turn. 

Now Kane is facing some sexual assault and domestic violence allegations by his soon to be ex-wife Anna. 

Evander filed for a restraining order just a little while ago and now Anna has done the same with some very disturbing details. 

Here's two pieces from the filing thanks to AJ Perez:

"In early March of 2019, our daughter Eva was delivered at twenty-eight weeks at Stanford Hospital and died. I was devastated. The funeral was on March 17, 2019. I Lost a severe amount of blood during the birth and remained in the hospital for a week, discharged on March 11, 2019. After the funeral, Evander and I returned home and as I was just out of the hospital and recovering, we obviously could not engage in sexual intercourse. Evander forced me to perform oral sex on him by grabbing me by my hair and roughly twisting it around his hand and forcing my head onto his penis. I was crying and Evander called me a "pathetic loser and stupid bitch". A few days later, Evander again forced me, against my will, to have sexual intercourse with him even though I had not healed. When I protested, Evander stated "you can't rape your wife"."

She also claims that Kane lost close to a million dollars during the playoffs and assaulted her in the hotel after a playoff game against Vegas:

"Unknown to to me at the time, Evander was gambling and avoiding me telling me he had to "work". I later learned that "work" meant he was gambling, not working in his hockey career. I believe on this occasion, Evander lost almost one million dollars in gambling loses. After one of playoff games the Sharks lost in this series, Evander did come to me after the game. Evander smelled alcohol on my breath from the wine I had with the other wives at dinner. When we got back to our hotel room, Evander began screaming at me and punching me on the upper side of my head above the hair line. Evander grabbed my blouse forcefully and pushed me into the wall of the room, slapping me across my face. Evander was screaming at me and threatened to hurt me even worse if I "disobeyed" him and had any drinks without him."

It's becoming very intense. 

This is all in family court and you can check out more details thanks to AJ Perez by clicking on the link below:

Source: AJ Perez