It's something you never want to see but unfortunately does happen with a physical sport. 

Unfortunately this time it happened to young 18 year old Jake Thibeault of Milton Academy who now is in hospital after a spinal cord injury. 

Thibeault had a collision on the ice, fracturing two vertebrae that caused paralysis from the waist down and brain bleed. 

The youngster's father released a brief statement on Facebook. 

“Jake is tough, is overflowing with grit and is determined to walk again,” said Thibeault’s father, Michael Thibeault of Fitchburg, in a Facebook posting. “But he is scared beyond belief. Losing hockey and his dream of playing collegiately, which we now know for certain was happening, is soul crushing for him. But he accomplished a lot doing what he loves and deserves praise for it.”

There's currently an online fundraiser to help with his medical bills which you can check out by clicking here

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jake and his whole family during this time.