Breaking news in the hockey world as Commissioner Gary Bettman will announce his plan to complete the 2019-2020 season later this morning.

The Board of Governors held a meeting on Zoom late last night and reached an agreement with gaming company EA Sports to resume activities.

The league will cancel the rest of the 2019-2020 season due to the social distancing measures in force and it will organize an online tournament which will feature NHL players facing off against each other to award the Stanley Cup.

Games will be broadcast during previously scheduled NHL game slots on networks like Sportsnet, RDS and TVA Sports in Canada while games will take place on NBC Sports in the States.

The current standings will determine the matchups for the first round of the NHL 2020 playoffs.

Players will play a pre-tournament over the weekend to choose who will be each team's three representatives and the games will begin on April 8.

The games will use the very popular NHL Threes mode where three players per team will compete in a 3v3 match on a smaller rink.

Players of the winning team will be able to spend a day in isolation with the Stanley Cup at home, but important precautions involving procedures to disinfect the legendary trophy will be taken every night.

More details will follow in the coming hours from reporter April Foolington. 

Source: Reporter April Foolington