Some really dirty details regarding an ongoing legal battle featuring the NHL today. 

The NHL is currently facing off against Kelli Ewen, the widow of deceased NHL player Todd Ewen.

Right now the two sides are fighting in regards to access to Todd's IPhone 4. 

Check out some details from Rick Westhead's article for TSN. 

"Kelli Ewen filed a wrongful death claim against the NHL in April 2019, alleging Todd’s suicide in 2015 was linked to the league allegedly downplaying the potential long-term consequences of repeated brain trauma and profiting from a culture of violence.

Text messages on Todd Ewen’s cell phone, the NHL says, will be crucial evidence in the case and the NHL says it believes Kelli Ewen is refusing to turn over some messages.

The league’s lawyers also wrote in an Oct. 21 court filing that privacy laws should not prevent the NHL from obtaining those texts. “As a matter of law, because Mr. Ewen is deceased, he no longer has any privacy interest in the content of his phone,” the NHL’s lawyers wrote.

Todd’s case has played a key role in the debate over chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and concussions in hockey."

Westhead adds that the league wants his cell phone info to prove that he was cheating on Kelli and other things. This would be a power move by NHL to say if you want to sue us we will expose everything. 

"NHL demanding documents “related to any actual, possible, or contemplated marital infidelity by Kelli Ewen or Todd Ewen.” 

One lawyer not involved in case told me NHL sending this not-so-subtle msg to those contemplating lawsuit v the league: “All your skeletons will be in open.""

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Source: TSN