Regardless of positive tests and some players not feeling comfortable, hockey is full steam ahead and the playoffs are set to begin. 

NHL training camps open up on July 13 and the playoffs will begin August 1. 

A 24 team playoff is a lot of hockey and the NHL has decided how they'll set it all up. 

NHL insider Bob McKenzie revealed how the opening round will play out and if you're missing hockey, you'll get your fix. 

According to McKenzie, the NHL will have games schedule at 12PM, 4PM, and 8PM in BOTH hub cities. 

So that means the daily schedule of hockey would look like this:

12:00PM ET in Toronto
2:00PM ET in Edmonton
4:00PM ET in Toronto
6:00PM ET in Edmonton
8:00PM ET in Toronto
10:00PM ET in Edmonton

All the round robin games will be at 4PM. 

Games might overlap because of overtime, but the NHL won't stop the start of playoff games because of that. 

Source: Bob McKenzie