It was an interesting Montreal Canadiens debut for the new forward Max Domi. 

The youngster tried getting himself offensively involved with his new linemate Jonathan Drouin as he took over at center during the first two periods, however Domi decided to show off another aspect of his game during the third period. 

After continuous cross checks and slashing from Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad throughout the game, Domi had enough and challenged Ekblad to drop the gloves, Ekblad declined and Domi punched him in the face/visor anyways. 

Ekblad dropped straight to the ice and was cut open while Domi was kicked out of the game. 

The NHL Department of Player Safety announced late last night that Domi would have a phone hearing and they've made their decision. 

They've decided that Domi will be suspended for the rest of the preseason.

You can watch the part of the sequence in the video below:

Image Credit: TSN