The NHL and some NHL teams opened up Phase 2 of the return to play plan. 

It's a voluntary return to team facilities so some teams are filled up while others only have a handful of skaters. 

Unfortunately there's been a couple of COVID-19 cases which even forced the Tampa Bay Lightning to shutdown their facility and Phase 2 activities for the moment. 

Regardless of what happened recently, NHL GM's had a conference call on Saturday and some very important information has been confirmed. 

Larry Brooks of the New York Post reports that teams will start traveling to hub cities on July 23 or 24 before they play one exhibition game. 

The 2019-20 Stanley Cup playoffs will begin on July 30 which will feature the qualifying rounds. 

Here's some more details Brooks was able to uncover:

- Teams will be permitted to bring 30 skaters plus an unlimited number of goaltenders to camp, and 28 skaters plus unlimited GT for tournament. Players on IR do not count against limit.

- Team GM's and coaches are permitted starting Monday to watch current Phase 2 on-ice sessions.

- Hub cities will be selected "within the next week or so."

- Social distancing rules discussed and reaffirmed.

There you have it folks!! Let's get some hockey going!!

Source: Larry Brooks New York Post