One of the league's all time greatest goal scorers isn't too happy with one of the game's current top snipers. 

Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin announced a little while ago that he would be skipping the All-Star game simply for rest. 

While Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens will also skip the game, he's been dealing with injuries and was recently on IR, Ovechkin doesn't have any apparent injuries. 

Former NHLer Brett Hull doesn't like it. 

“I think the league could probably do something so it can’t happen, but it is what it is,” Brett Hull said when speaking to the St. Louis Dispatch. “You know, he just won the Stanley Cup. He had a (short) summer and I understand that, but I still like all the superstars to come out and pay their respects to the fans.”

Hull an eight time All-Star himself says he understands if Ovi was injured, but with the league trying to grow the game, rest isn't really an excuse. 

“I wish a guy like Alex Ovechkin would play,” Hull said. “I know they get tired and what-not, but still I think he should play. They can make it so he doesn’t have to do a whole bunch of things. The fans deserve to see a superstar like him.

“If you’re injured, you’re injured. There’s nothing you can do about that. But this is to grow the game. I know we have enough great players that as much as he’ll be missed, we’ll have enough to entertain the fans. But still I know as a fan of Alex Ovechkin, I’d love to come and see him live in a 3-on-3 game.”

What do you think of Hull's comments?

Source: St. Louis Dispatch
Image Credit: Sportsnet