The Carolina Hurricanes have been going through some changes ever since they were taken over my a new majority owner. 

The team went through a bit of a roster overhaul and they're trying to create a new image for the team as well. 

Following victories on home ice, the team currently does a viking clap followed a "storm surge" which sees all the players skate and jump into the glass. 

Reviews have been mixed on the new celebrations and former NHL general manger Brian Burke calls it a joke. 

Burke says he turns the TV off or changes the channel if they win "I think it's absurdly amateurish peewee garbage stuff, have another beer and watch them swim or canoe or anything they're going to do next". 

Is Burke just being an angry old man or do you agree with his comments. 

In case you missed it, you can check out their new celebrations below: 

Source: Sportsnet