Sports is great and especially fun when it comes to intense rivalries. 

Unfortunately some fans take it way too far usually with the help of alcohol.

This was the case in Boston as a group of Bruins' fans were arrested after they "viciously beat" some people. 

It's yet to be confirmed or told that the people they beat up were Carolina.

From the CBS Boston News report:

All four turned themselves in and are charged with aggravated assault and battery. They were arraigned Wednesday in Quincy District Court.
Transit Police say there were some words exchanged between two groups on the platform and then it turned into a fight. Prosecutors say the four men involved attacked two others, severely injuring a Weymouth man.
It was Green who shot video of the incident. It shows suspect Tom Pritoni daring the victim to throw a punch. The victim, Matt Gill, would wind up with broken facial bones and a 10-stitch gash moments later.