The Calgary Flames took an absolutely brutal loss on Wednesday night as they were taken down by the Vancouver Canucks 5-1. 

The Flames had a bit of a tough time against the Canucks in their four game series with final result being split two games a piece and of the Flames wins coming overtime. 

Needles to say, Flames head coach Geoff Ward isn't too happy with the way things are going with his team. 

"Inconsistent I think is probably the best way (to describe the four-game set against the Canucks), but we've been talking about it for a while now," Ward told reporters after the loss.

"It's time to put this thing to bed and take charge and take control of what we can," he continued. "We certainly can control the way start, we certainly can control how we pay attention to details, how hard we compete, how much we care. All those things are certainly within our control. It's time for us to start giving a shit about it."

"... I thought we had a good push at the start of the second period, but the two late goals I mean, they're killers, obviously," Ward said. "After we got the game to 2-1 it's the same thing again. It's not what you make all the time it's what you leave, and to leave those opportunities that we gave them after making the hockey game 2-1, it's inexcusable."

What do you think of Ward's comments?