The Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators have been having an on and off rivalry over the last couple of years. 

While the rivalry is nothing compared to the rivalry the Habs' have with the Toronto Maple Leafs or Boston Bruins, it can still get pretty intense especially in Ottawa when the arena gets invaded by Habs' fans. 

The two teams played on Tuesday and Montreal skated away with a 5-2 win and the two teams will play again tonight. 

Drouin spoke on the rivalry and had a bit of a tongue slip where he took a huge shot at the Senators.

While most will label it as a slip, it's clear it's what Drouin and probably the rest of the NHL feel about the Sens' right now. 

"When you play teams 3 or 4 times almost in a week we know it's going to be a battle, we hate those guys like they hate each other" Drouin said "Like they hate us"


Check it out in the video below:

Source: TSN via @Leahflame Twitter
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