The Montreal Canadiens lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday and Canadiens head coach Claude Julien experienced one of the league's rule changes for the first time. 

The Canadiens head coach challenged a goal for goalie interference and the challenge went unsuccessful leading to a two minute delay of game penalty. 

It was hard to digest for the Canadiens' head coach and he's not a fan of the new rule. 

"It’s going to be tough,” Julien told reporters postgame. “That was what I said to the referees. It’s a very find line because, first of all, you want to protect your goaltenders. I think everybody wants to do that. You also want to show your goaltender that you have his back and you want to protect him…

“What I’m saying is most of the time, it’s 50/50. Most of the time when you challenge it’s a 50/50 gamble. So right now, basically, the way I feel is ‘How can I challenge those in the regular season knowing that the goal’s going to count and I’m going to have a penalty on top of that?’

“I have a hard time, I guess, digesting that. But if it’s the way it was last year and you challenge it because you’re protecting your goalie and it’s a goal, it’s a goal. Let’s move on.

“But to be penalized, especially when all year long last year we always talked about it being 50/50. So what’s changed this year? It’s not any clearer than it was last year. So basically, what they’re telling us is don’t challenge. Don’t challenge – that’s the message I’m getting.”

Source: TSN