The Edmonton Oilers are struggling once again and are getting boo'd on home ice. 

The team sits nine points out of a playoff spot and got destroyed by both the Calgary Flames and Carolina Hurricanes in back to back games over the weekend. 

While McDavid has been involved on almost 100% of the Oilers offensive production this season, the rest of the team has been out to lunch. 

The Oilers franchise player sent a special message to the rest of the locker room.

"If you don't believe in this group and you're in the locker room you need to leave" .

McDavid went on to say that the Oilers right now won't out skill anybody else in the league and can't really score more than two goals a game so they need to step it up defensively. 

If the Oilers can't make the playoffs once again this season, it's going to be very interesting what the aftermath is once the season is done. 

Source: TSN
Image Credit: TSN