With the NHL Draft and the opening of Free Agency behind us, there's still some unresolved cases to be solved. 

Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty, Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Artemi Panarin and Edmonton Oilers forward Milan Lucic are all star players that many insiders expected to be on the move. 

Of course trading a star player is easier said then done, many experts still believe those four to be moved before the season begins. 

As for Lucic, his agent recently spoke out stating he fully expects the Oilers forward to start the season in Edmonton, especially since he has a full no movement clause. However, even with that clause there's still a handful of destinations that Lucic would rather be in than Edmonton, and one of them could be his former home in Boston. 

Joe Haggerty of NBC Sports Boston speculates:

“If the Bruins could get him at a reduced rate without giving up too much in assets, would it be worth reuniting Lucic and Krejci on the second line to see if that could spark the power forward back up to 20 plus goals? Certainly the Bruins wouldn’t get pushed around in the playoffs like they did against the Lightning last season, and that’s worth something in and of itself. Besides, if the Bruins were only paying $3-4 million per season for Lucic, a third line role would be something they could swallow cap-wise as well if that’s what he turned out to be in a second B’s go-round. It remains to be seen if Edmonton is even going to move Lucic, but it’s something worth thinking about for the Bruins.”

Source: Joe Haggerty