The NHL and NHLPA came to an agreement last week on a format for return to play. 

The highly controversial 24 team playoff bracket. 

While the wheels are in motion and various states and provinces across North America are easing lockdown restrictions one player makes it clear it's still not a done deal. 

He made it clear to The Athletic that players simply voted on a format. 

"That does not mean hockey's back," said Dubnyk "We still have a long way to go."

"We voted strictly on the format. In other words, 'If we are to come back, this is how it's going to be played.' But we have not even touched on logistics or cities or travel or testing or how the economics will work or what this quarantine bubble (the players are) supposed to live in will be like or any of that stuff yet."

"How long are guys OK with being away for? When we are in this city, are we locked in our hotel room?" he said. "Going from the hotel room to the rink and back only, are guys OK with just doing that? Can our families come with us, or if there's a family emergency and we leave the bubble (to go back into society), can we return to the bubble or are we done?

"What's the food situation? Like, can we only eat in our hotel rooms? How often are we tested? Who pays for that? What's the damage economically to the sport?

"All of these things - and there's so many variables - need to be talked about, and we've got to start getting a grasp on it now so that it doesn't just hit us in the face all of a sudden."

What do you think of Dubnyk's comments?

Source: The Athletic