It's becoming more and more likely that the NHL will roll with a 24 team playoff format. 

How exactly that will work is still being discussed to make it fair to everybody involved. 

However some players feel it's a bit disrespectful to the traditional playoff format and one of those guys is Nashville Predators' forward Matt Duchene. 

Duchene had lots to say about the proposed format and he's definitely not a fan. 

"I just think that you gotta keep ... as much integrity as possible," Duchene told Sportsnet's "Hockey Central" on Tuesday.

“You don't want to have a COVID Cup, and I'm worried that if we come back and force this thing ... and it's a little gimmicky or if it's not quite right, whoever wins the Cup is gonna have people trying to take it away from them their whole lives and they don't deserve that, (the) guys that come back and ultimately win it. So I feel very passionately about this part of things."

"There's no fair way to say who should be in and who should be out because of not playing ... the full 82 - but, for lack of a better word, somebody's gonna get screwed," Duchene said.

"So I believe let's keep it as traditional as possible. I'd love to see us jump to a 16-team playoff. Normal (best-of-seven) playoff, maybe you're playing a little more frequently because guys are gonna be fresh and you can play a game at 3 o’clock on Friday and play at 7 on Saturday and there's no travel."

Other players have already said it doesn't matter what the format is, it's every player's dream to win the Stanley Cup. 

What do you think of Duchene's comments?

Source: Sportsnet