Pretty much every NHL Insider believes that the Ottawa Senators will move their franchise player, Erik Karlsson, sometime between the NHL Draft and the 2018-19 trade deadline. 

There was big speculation that Karlsson almost got moved to Vegas at last year's deadline but the two teams actually ran out of time and couldn't get a deal finalized before the 3pm EST deadline. 

Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman believes the deal is still on the table and mentioned the possible pieces involved.

“I think if Ottawa makes that deal with them, they’ll want to go pretty young. I had heard that one of the reasons it didn’t happen happen at the deadline – and it was close – was Cody Glass, who was their sixth overall pick last year. I could see Vegas saying, ‘We don’t want to do that’ because if they do do a Karlsson deal, it’s probably going to be something along the lines of Glass, a high pick, and maybe like a Colin Miller or something like that. That’s the kind of thing I’m guessing that it’s structured around."

 Vegas gave up their 2018 first round pick in the Tomas Tatar deal, so it would have to give up their 2019 first round pick. 

If Vegas decided to give up Glass do you think a package of Glass, their 2019 first round pick and Colin Miller is a good enough return for the Senators?

Source: Elliotte Friedman
Image Credit: Sportsnet