There wasn't many headlines in the NHL yesterday but San Jose Sharks' forward Evander Kane made some noise. 

He called out YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul and challenged him to a fight after Paul knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson. 

Paul has yet to respond to Kane's challenge however the internet didn't hesitate to attack Kane for some comments. 

Kane called Ryan Reaves and his brother "sisters" and cancel culture came at him quick saying he used a "sexist" term. 

"Always good to see the Reaves sisters chime in and try to hop on the coat tails @JReaves77 @reavo7five but that’s okay I’ll keep you both relevant."

Kane later issued an apology on Twitter. 

"I used a term that was sexist in a earlier tweet. My intention wasn’t for it to come across that way at alI. I would like to apologize for using that term and to anyone who was offended by it. But remember no ones perfect, especially if your on Twitter."

Do you think Kane was being "sexist" with his remarks and needed to apologize?