The 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs have been arguably some of the dirtiest playoffs in awhile. 

There's been a couple of suspensions already and plenty of other plays that could have been deemed suspension worthy. 

The lastest came over the weekend during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Capitals and Lightning. 

As the game was winding down, Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov gave Capitals forward Brett Connolly a kick/slew foot while Connolly was going back to the bench. 

Kucherov was given a two minute penalty even though technically by the rules he should have been given more than two minutes. 

Rule 49.3 Match Penalty - A match penalty shall be imposed on any player who kicks or attempts to kick another player. Whether or not an injury occurs, the referee will impose a five minute penalty under this rule. 

Check out the play in the video below, do you think Kucherov should have been suspended?