The NHL is often considered the lowest of the four major North American sports

Times are changing though and the NHL has really started to gain momentum in the United States and it shows in the revenue earned across the league in 2017-18. 

Forbes released their annual report on sports finances which includes the NHL and the franchises across the league rose 6% in value.

The New York Rangers top the list at #1 with a value of $1.55billion and brought in $254million in revenue during the 2017-18 season. 

Three other franchises clocked in with a value of over $1billion which includes the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks. 

Here's a full look at the teams across the league. 

Rangers            $1.55B   $253M
Maple Leafs     $1.45B   $232M
Canadiens        $1.3B     $239M
Blackhawks     $1.05B   $201M
Bruins               $925M   $191M
Kings                $810M   $193M
Flyers               $800M   $186M
Red Wings       $775M    $171M
Canucks          $735M    $168M
Capitals           $725M    $194M
Penguins        $650M    $185M
Vegas              $575M    $180M
Oilers              $540M    $145M
Stars               $525M    $144M
Sharks            $510M    $148M
Wild                $490M     $142M
Blues             $465M      $148M
Ducks            $460M      $134M
Devils            $455M      $166M
Flames          $450M      $132M
Lightning      $445M     $146M
Islanders      $440M     $107M
Senators      $435M     $124M
Avalanche   $430M     $119M
Predators    $425M     $132M
Hurricanes  $420M     $109M
Jets              $415M     $135M
Sabres          $375M     $128M
Columbus   $320M      $111M
Panthers     $295M      $99M
Coyotes      $290M      $96M

Source: forbers