The US elections have yet to release a winner for the presidential race however depending on the results the country might lose a former NHLer. 

While appearing on Sportsnet650, former NHLer Todd Bertuzzi said he would move back to Canada depending on the results. 

If Joe Biden becomes the next president of the United States, Bertuzzi plans on moving back to Canada. 

“I tell you, it’s interesting times, especially for a Canadian living here,” said Bertuzzi. “I’ve been here for, I don’t know, about 15 years, 20 years total, and I’ve never seen anything like this. At some points in time, it’s a little bit terrifying — boarding up stores and all this kind of stuff… The U.S. is in a difficult time right now and hopefully, people get out there and vote and we put the right person in place.”

“I plan on living here unless someone gets in the presidency and I feel like I’m ready to go back to Canada,” said Bertuzzi. 

After realizing the kind of statement he was making, he then back peddled a bit and said he's always ready to move back to Canada.