While the NBA has training camps underway, the NHL and NHLPA have yet to come to an agreement on when the season will officially start. 

There's been lots of chatter that owners are trying to squeeze some more money out of the players and re-negotiate the CBA once again to cut revenue losses if there's no fans. 

The NHLPA wants nothing to do with it and there's chatter of another possible lockout. 

Commissioner Gary Bettman appeared on the Sports Business Journal "Dealmakers in Sport" panel and was asked about the possibility. 

"We're not having negotiations and we're not seeking to renegotiate."

"We've been absolutely unequivocal with the players that we're not trying to renegotiate."

He added that the league and NHLPA are still working towards the common goal of starting the season on January 1. 

"That is a work in progress influenced largely by what we're hearing from the medical experts."

"We are hopeful and optimistic based on everything we are hearing that we can get back to normalcy in 21/22."

Do you buy Bettman saying the owners aren't trying to renegotiate?

Source: Chris Johnston Sportsnet